Anthony Clay 

Bringing technology tools to DEIB
Anthony Clay (he/his/him) is the Cofounder and CEO of Indi, a SaaS platform that helps organizations empower their DEIB teams and Employee Resource Groups. He cofounded and led Microsoft’s fastest growing ERG, BlackLight, from 6 employees to nearly 2,000 in five years, helping increase the tenures of Black marketers at Microsoft. He has also worked on business/monetization strategies in the technology industry for nearly 10 years, and claims to have seen the vast majority of movies starring Denzel Washington.

Understanding Profit

Profit is a driving force behind most tech companies. While it's critical that tech leaders are intrinsically motivated to create a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, DEIB leaders cannot underestimate the power of profit. This module will help participants understand how tech companies make money, and how DEIB strategies can help drive profit. 

Course 2: DEIB and the Organization


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