Ben Delk

Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Rights Leader
Ben Delk has spent the majority of his career addressing systemic inequality and advocating for human rights. He is a founding member of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging teams at both Salesforce and Expedia Group, and—at each company—was the first-ever Global Programs Director for their Employee Resource Groups totaling over 30,000 employee-members combined. His work with ERGs focuses on internal governance, external partnerships, impact finance, and evolving grassroots activism into organizational progress for historically excluded identities. He is also the founder of Expedia Group’s Human Rights program, is a founding member of Salesforce’s Office of Accessibility, and was appointed as a Partnership Delegate for the World Economic Forum’s first-ever Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality launched in Davos 2019.

Ben was born and raised in a suburb outside of Kansas City, Missouri called Independence. After attending the University of Richmond majoring in International Relations—with a concentration in Modern Europe and a thesis on international identity construction in the aftermath of 9/11—and studying abroad in France to complete a French minor, he landed in San Francisco to begin his career in the technology industry. He recently completed a public policy course through the Harvard Kennedy School with a focus on transgender rights in the workplace. Currently, Ben lives in Brooklyn where he spends his time researching, writing, conspiring on some big future projects, twirling through Prospect Park on sunny days (wearing sunscreen, of course!) and taking care of his 9 (and counting!) plant babies.

Collaborating with ERGs to advance DEIB efforts

Many tech companies express a desire to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. But, in order to see meaningful change, organizations must have specific conditions in place. This session identifies and explains the workplace conditions that must be in place in order to advance DEIB efforts. 

Course 3: DEIB and talent


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