Jessie Wustoff  She/Her

DEIB and Organizational Health specialist
Jessie Wusthoff is a DEIB and Organizational Health specialist. With a particular passion for coaching, public speaking, and helping organizations understand the diversity of disability, Jessie focuses on helping people understand their lived experiences as a filter and catalyst for moving past their discomfort. She invites people to understand where they are in their views, where they want to be, and how to move forward.

Jessie has had the pleasure of speaking at various organizations and conferences, including Harvard Business School, Box, Fastly, Goodwill’s Neurodiversity Pathways program, and CultureAmp’s Culture First conference. She also founded the DEIB program at Quantcast, an advertising technology company, and served as the Director of People & Culture (HR, DEIB, and Learning & Development) before moving into the Office of the President at Clover Health, a technology-driven organization in the Medicare space.
In today’s changing work environment where companies are returning to the office, she is committed to the enablement of including the diverse disability community in planning inclusive workplace accommodations and flexibility. A constant learner, Jessie has an MBA from UC Davis in Organizational Behavior and is currently obtaining her certification in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute. Her additional skills include strategic planning, program design, change management, and bringing initiatives together to amplify impact.

Setting up for Success: Team Structure, Funding, & Frameworks

Many organizations publicly proclaim a passion and commitment for DEIB, but in reality, operate as business as usual. This can be frustrating for those doing the work and even lead to conflict between DEIBs leaders and other corporate leaders. This module will empower DEIB practitioners with strategies that will lead to organizational and behavioral change that helps to advance DEIB.

Course 2: DEIB and the Organization


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