Kapor DEIB Certificate Thought Partner Pairing

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Each Kapor DEIB Certificate Course participant will be paired with a peer who will serve as a thought partner throughout each course. This will offer students a dedicated classmate with whom they can:

  • Discuss course content
  • Share reflections
  • Brainstorm ideas

Our hope is that this will help advance:



Informed Thinking 


A desire for deeper learning

Partners will check in once a week in a way of their choosing (eg, video conference, phone, or email). In an effort to build networks, participants will be assigned a new thought partner at the beginning of each class, and encouraged to maintain relationships with thought partners from previous courses.  

At the end of each course, students will have the opportunity to nominate their thought partner for an “outstanding thought partner” recognition. This will involve completing a short questionnaire to describe their awesomeness! 🤩

Partner Check-In Discussion Prompts

If you’re not sure how to get started with your thought partner, here are a few discussion prompts to help:
Layer 1: Starting Off 
  • How far did you get?
  • What resonated with you? Why?
  • What surprised you?

 Layer 2: Dig deeper
  • Where have you seen this come up in your work?
  • What was the most difficult aspect of this lesson for you? Why?
  • Do you know of other resources that address the issues presented?

Layer 3: Jump In
  • How are you performing in this area?
  • Where does this hit you personally?
  • What are some ideas that came up that you can apply to your work immediately? What about long term?