Sonia Koshy, Ph.D. 

Bridge builder between research and strategy
Sonia Koshy, PhD is the Senior Director of Research and Evaluation, who oversees landscape research and the evaluation of programs and initiatives that aim to drive equity across the tech pipeline. Sonia is a developmental psychologist, researcher, and evaluator, with a Ph.D. in Child Development from Tufts University. She is a current Senior Personnel on the NSF INCLUDES-funded The Alliance for Identity-Inclusive Computing Education (AIICE): A Collective Impact Approach to Broadening Participation in Computing and leads the external evaluation of the California state-funded Educator Workforce Investment Grant (EWIG). Prior to the Kapor Center, Sonia came from Algorhythm, a startup that creates automated, real-time reporting for the social sector. Prior to working at Algorhythm, she was the Evaluation Manager at the Thrive Foundation for Youth. Sonia is the co-author of several landscape reports and briefs, including State of Tech Diversity: The Black Tech Ecosystem,  Expanding the Latinx Tech Pipeline: The Time for Action is Now, In a year of tragedy, injustice, and upheaval, have we seen progress in the quest for racial justice in technology?, and The Black Technology Workforce: Designing a More Inclusive Future.

Advancing DEIB with Research and Data

Research and data are essential to advancing DEIB strategies. Research helps us understand barriers that interfere with DEIB efforts, strategies and conditions that are effective, and how employees perceive and experience the workplace. We rely on demographic data to understand representation across all levels of the tech workforce. This module provides an introduction on how to identify credible research and data that can advance your DEIB strategy. It also addresses how to interpret research in order to understand the full context behind data presented.

Course 2: DEIB and the Organization


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