Gabon Williams

He/Him/Hims | Web3 Engineer and Startup CTO
Gabon Williams is the Summer Associate at Kapor Capital. Prior to this role Gabon was a software engineer that transitioned into software security engineering at TIAA. While at TIAA, Gabon led a number of diversity initiatives in order to increase the pipeline of black talent in technology at the firm. In his spare time, Gabon has also built on multiple projects across blockchains and web3 as a javascript and solidity developer. While maintaining this schedule, he also assists with his family foundation and assisting as the CTO of an edtech startup focused on social and emotional learning for students.

DEIB and Web3 Building Blocks

This module will start off with an intro to Web3 and related terminology. Then the conversation shifts to Web3 building blocks and what they mean for our work as DEIB professionals. 

Course 4:  DEIB and the Broader Society


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