Meet Your Instructors 

Course 1: Foundational Knowledge 

Dr. Allison Scott

Kapor Center CEO
Understanding the Lack of Diversity in Tech

Rachel Williams

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
A Look Back at Efforts to Address DEIB in Tech

Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Chief People Officer
Understanding Tech Culture 

Dr. Suzanne Wertheim

Inclusive Language Expert
Words Matter: Being Intentional About Language

Kathia Ramos

 Operations Associate
How to Be a Better Ally to Your Non-Binary Colleagues

Course 2: DEIB and the Organization

Bernard Coleman III

Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer
Getting Ready for Organizational Change

Sonia Koshy, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Research and Evaluation
Business Impact as a Key Part of Your Role as a DEIB Professional

Anthony Clay 

Indie Founder
Setting up for Success: Team Structure, Funding, & Frameworks

Jessie Wustoff

DEIB Organizational  Health Specialist
Advancing DEIB with Research and Data

Course 3: DEIB and Talent 

Dominique Hollins

Founder of WĒ360
Navigating Workplace Bias

Lisa Gelobter

CEO of tEQuitable
Confronting Unfair Treatment in the Workplace

Lauren Jackman

Attracting, Engaging, & Assessing Candidates

Jill Wetzler

VP of Engineering
Mitigating Bias in the Promotion Process

Ben Delk

Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Rights Leader
Collaborating with ERGs to Advance DEIB Efforts

Hilliary Turnipseed

Inclusive Hiring & Equitable Workplace Strategist
 Anti-Racist Approaches to Layoffs

Course 4: DEIB and the Broader Society

Lili Gangas

Chief Technology Community Officer
DEIB Professionals Informing Public Policy 

Jason R. Thompson 

DE&I Expert 
Responding to Current Events

Carrie Maultsby

Marketing Consultant & Equity Advocate
Responding During Times of Crises

Cynthia Overton

Senior Director of Tech Workplace Initiatives
DEIB and Web3 Building Blocks 

Gabon Williams

Startup CTO
DEIB and Web3 Building Blocks 

Liza Wisner

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Sustainability Curator & Thought Leader
What DEIB Leaders Need to Know About Algorithms