Liza Wisner

She/Her/Hers | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Sustainability Curator & Thought Leader
Award-winning television personality Liza Wisner is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Talent Development Expert, Workforce Optimization Keynote Speaker, and was a top 3 finalist on the television show, “The Apprentice” on NBC. Liza serves her community as the Curator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives at OpenSesame, on a mission to develop the world’s most productive, admired, and inclusive workforces. She leads strategic initiatives for more inclusivity in human capital services and works directly with many organizations all over the world to make their products and services connect better with their teams and their community. Professionally trained with degrees in computer science and educational technology, Liza has built an incredible career and has turned her love of human capital optimization and process automation into a fulfilling life. Liza is also the founder of social organizations, including the non-profit, ‘’ whose mission is to bridge the divide and provide opportunities where everyone rises up. For more information about Liza, visit her website:

What DEIB Leaders Need to Know About Algorithms

Liza will talk to us about algorithms and how they can negatively impact people of color, women, and other historically marginalized populations. She'll also help us get ready to engage with engineers by introducing us to terminology used around algorithms. Lastly, we'll also discuss how DEIB professionals can work with engineers and other colleagues to identify and mitigate algorithmic bias during the product development phase. 

Course 4: DEIB and the Broader Society


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