Jill Wetzler

She/Her/Hers | VP of Engineering
Jill Wetzler is a technology leader, advisor, and coach who has led engineering teams at companies like salesforce.com, Twitter, and Lyft. She was most recently the VP of Engineering at Pilot, the largest provider of bookkeeping, tax preparation, and CFO services for startups and small businesses in the US. She is experienced in scaling organizations and their technology stacks through periods of high growth, and she’s passionate about building equitable people-related programs with her HR partners.

Jill is a fierce advocate for building diverse technology teams and has authored several talks and articles related to building out inclusive organizational processes that support the development of underrepresented people and their managers. She has founded and led a number of Employee Resource Groups and was a founding member of Lyft’s Tech Diversity Working Group, which served to execute on initiatives that increase representation and development opportunities for a variety of demographics. She advises senior leaders at companies throughout the US and East Africa, and she is an advisor for Diversity Advocates, a professional learning community sponsored by the Kapor Center for Social Impact in her own city of Oakland. Jill completed her BS in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon in 2005.

Mitigating Bias in the Promotion Process

People of color and women are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions throughout the tech industry. Limited access to growth opportunities that can position them for the next level and biases held by those in decision making positions, coupled with a dearth of women and people of color to promote are a few factors that can account for this. This module helps participants understand why talent from certain populations are slow to experience upward professional mobility and provides strategies for creating systems that ensure that all talent have a fair chance at experiencing upward professional mobility. 

Course 3: DEIB and Talent 
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