Lisa Gelobter

She/Her/Hers | CEO of tEQuitable
Lisa Gelobter is the CEO of tEQuitable, an independent and confidential platform to enhance workplace equity by addressing bias, discrimination, and other misconduct. A computer scientist by training, Lisa has an extensive history working in tech leadership roles across various settings such as the White House under President Obama, BET Networks, and Hulu.

Understanding Informal and Formal Options for Addressing Unfair Treatment

Oftentimes, companies declare appreciation for employees and a commitment to fairness. However, many employees experience unfair treatment around pay, promotions, stretch assignments, and compensation. Employees from underrepresented backgrounds also face the risk of being on the receiving end of microaggressions and even workplace bullying. This module addresses how unfair treatment can show up in the workplace and presents informal and formal options for addressing it.

Course 3: DEIB and Talent 


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