Dr. Suzanne Wertheim

She/Her/Hers | The Inclusive Language Doctor
Dr. Suzanne Wertheim is a national expert on language and bias. After getting her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Berkeley, she held faculty positions at Northwestern, University of Maryland, and UCLA. In 2011, she left the university system in order to apply her expertise to real-world problems.
As head of Worthwhile Research & Consulting, Dr. Wertheim specializes in analyzing and mitigating bias at work. Using the tools of linguistic anthropology, she guides clients to more inclusive language, content, and workplaces. Dr. Wertheim's most popular workshops are The Language of Bias, Secret Culture Clashes, Inclusive Language at Work, and Unconscious Demotions & Impostor Syndrome.

Words Matter: Being Intentional About Language

This module draws on linguistic anthropology to demonstrate that inclusive language is more than just dictionary meanings. Applying the principles of inclusive language will allow you to bypass common pitfalls and create communication that makes people feel seen, heard, and valued rather than disrespected, marginalized, or erased.

Course 1: DEIB Foundational Knowledge


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